The Thing About Potential

June 30, 2023
What is possible? That simple question is thrilling to consider. Wonderfully energizing to contemplate. Creating a sense of freedom when imagined. As a Minneapolis design agency, this question is central to our right-brained creative thinkers, and all those emboldened by ideas. It's as necessary as the air we breathe, ever-present and always at the forefront of thought.
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But here’s the thing. Just because something has potential doesn’t mean its fate is determined. Realizing the potential of something is squarely dependent upon the tenacity of the person who champions the vision. As a design firm and creative agency, we understand that some can see what could be, but fail to successfully navigate getting there. Others are energized by the thought of what’s possible, but lose steam along the way. Few can imagine what could be and have the tenacity to drive an organization to make it a reality. And if you’re a business leader who wants to change it up and destroy some conventions, know that pursuing potential is as much about vision as it is change management.
Consider the following as you pursue potential for yourself, your company, and/or your team:
1. Are you ready to chase what’s possible?
Pursuing what’s possible requires you to push beyond comfort. And not just your comfort zone, but the comfort zone of your team, your colleagues and your senior leaders. As a brand agency, we know it demands a leader who is committed to an idea that is not a sure thing. Someone who is going to stir some creative branding tension all for the good of the business. Are you built for that level of belief?
2. Is there a compelling case for the chase?
As a branding company, we see many ideas, but only a few good ones. Just because there’s an idea on the table, the question remains, is there a case for it? What is the idea trying to solve? Is that a real problem? If it is focused on a real problem, is that the best idea to solve it? Are there ideas with less cost, less disruption, etc? The point is this - when you pursue a new path to realize the potential of a thing (product, brand, company, etc.), you’ll have to be able to recite a solid case for the chase when, not if, you are met with skeptical resistance from those who must support the chase.
3. Do the resources exist to support the effort?
Once the right idea is generated and the vision for what could be is outlined, the next step is to secure the resources necessary to begin the journey towards a new reality. Branding in marketing requires resources like time, budget and team members. Often, there is plenty of time and team members, but not the budget. Or there is simply not enough time in the company to embrace the change required to push beyond current conventions. The point is - you can see it, you believe in it - but do you have enough gas in the tank to pursue what could be?

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As a strategic design firm, we are in the business of manifesting the visual and physical form of ideas. Therefore, we come into contact with a variety of clients and client types who all engage with potential at varying degrees. The questions above are based upon learnings from working with them and also by pursuing our own potential.
There is so much to be offered by extending ourselves beyond ourselves. And being clear how, when and why the pursuit of what is possible makes sense for where we are currently is at the heart of our mission as a creative agency.
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David Denham — Managing Director