Ignition Kits

Our ignition kits are designed to be simple, yet effective ways for clients to ignite growth for their company.

These kits were borne from the activities and methods we use with clients, where we’ve seen success,... quickly. 

These kits are for those that:
Need to move quickly- and get further, faster.
Are intrigued, but may want to start small to get a sense of what it’s like to work together.
Need to augment their teams with conceptual thinking, big ideas, analogous industry insights and new ways of thinking.

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Go-To-Market and Connection Plan Sprint

New product or brand to introduce to the market, a key season, or a consumer to connect with? Did last year’s marketing plan deliver the intended results? Do you need new ideas for how to engage and acquire?  

Onboard our team with existing inputs and data and let us design a go-to-market and connection strategy to achieve the objectives of your business. This plan will provide the rationale and approach for how the brand can drive engagement through specific strategies and tactics.

Benefits: Input from an outside perspective leveraging exposure to multiple businesses and demand strategies. Confirm existing approaches while also receiving new approaches to achieve marketing objectives.
  • 4 Week Engagement
  • Deliverables: Prep Work, Onboarding Session, Guiding Factors Framework, Strategy and Design, Persona Development, Weekly Progress Reviews & Refinement and Executive Level Deck/Slides to Outline the GTM Approach
  • $15,000


Brand Narrative Workshop

Our most popular, effective, and influential offering for clients who are seeking a clear and consistent brand narrative to resonate with and engage their best customers. Brand narratives become diluted with market shifts, aging out of core consumers, and changes in leadership.

Thus, we’ve designed a quick-turn brand narrative workshop to leverage market insights against company purpose to generate a compelling and inspiring brand story that all key stakeholders can repeat with consistency.

Benefits: The true test of a brand narrative is in its ability to be retold and put into action. Within three weeks' time, you and your team will have a brand narrative that honors your DNA while positioning the brand for future growth.
  • 3 Week Engagement
  • Deliverables: Brand Story, Value Proposition, and Market-Ready Headlines
  • $15,000


Creative / Campaign Concepts

Your brand strategy is in place and high-potential customer segments have been identified, but the creative ideas fall  short or fail to support a holistic campaign execution.  New investments in marketing, like social, trade shows, or experiential, require new concepts. Or, no bandwidth exists within your creative team, so you need outside help.

Clients engage Latitude to generate 2-3 creative concepts (look, feel, and tone) for specific programs to get further faster in the final design and execution.

Benefits: Utilize Latitude to augment your existing team to leverage its broad market experience and generate creative concepts that breathe new life and potential into how your brand shows up and stands out.
  • 3 Week Engagement
  • Deliverables: Concept Write-Up, Mood Board, and Sketches
  • $25,000


Logo Refresh

It is not uncommon for brands to realize that it has been over a decade since their logo has been refreshed. A brand’s logo design should not change with great frequency. However, when the market has evolved and other competitors have entered the space with modern looks, it might be time to remind your team, employees, and customers that you’re a progressive firm.

A logo refresh can achieve the goal to reflect a modern relevance to the current marketplace and take advantage of market opportunities to remain top of mind.

Benefits: Like a new outfit, refreshing your logo can do wonders for your company. It signals progress and a commitment to the company's future. It can inspire your employees, impress your clients, and show all stakeholders there are no laurels to rest on. Don’t underestimate the power of a logo that reflects your story and passion.
  • 3 Week Engagement
  • Deliverables: Refined Logo Design, and Working Files (up to 4 file formats)
  • $15,000

*Project details may be modified. SOW will be executed to secure all agreed-upon specifics before work begins.

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