Design to Refresh

November 1, 2023
“We are not getting the credit we deserve.”
“We are a modern company, but we are not seen as modern.” 
“We are ready for the next growth stage and just need to show that we are beyond what we were.”
“We have great people here, and they have talent, but we are missing a compelling story.”
“From the outside, you’d never know our impact in our industries.”
“We’re innovating and creating in ways few understand. We’re not seen as the innovator.”
“Our competitors are getting more consideration than we are.”
“It's been said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but… we are being judged.”
We engage with clients at different peaks and valleys of their business cycle.  What will ignite growth for one company won’t necessarily move the need for another. “It all depends,” goes the consulting credo. However, when we listen to the words above and realize the company’s look and feel is limiting its growth, as a design firm, we propose a brand refresh to serve as the catalytic tide to lift and improve every touchpoint of the brand. 
Like all living elements, businesses evolve. Culture evolves. Markets evolve. People evolve.  However, if the brand identity fails to evolve, the company may be burdened with outdated perceptions hard to overcome. Impressions matter in marketing and a brand's identity can communicate, “We’re modern, innovative, and savvy,” or the alternative, “We’re outdated, common, and mediocre.”  
If the external perception of a company is outdated or disconnected from what’s happening on the inside,  it is a design problem. If the brand’s visual identity system fails to reflect the company's true spirit, it's time to invest in a refresh with a strong design firm.  Design is the solution to reinvigorate the look of a company. It is a short-term project with long-term benefits. A modern look increases the team's morale, energizes the sales engine, and delights customers because it demonstrates your commitment to growth.  A refreshed visual identity system demonstrates leadership and domain authority in its simplest form.  Two traits hard to ignore.
Camp Chef has enjoyed the benefits of a refreshed brand identity system because it performs two essential roles: 1) it shows how the brand relates and is relevant to the current outdoor/adventure market and 2) it is a modern reflection of the hard work, dedication and innovative prowess of its long tenured team.  
Trane Commercial leveraged a brand refresh to unify and establish a consistent brand experience across product groups, regions, and offices.  A soft, warm, and modern color pallette, ownership of circular formats and a visual identity strategy positioned Trane as an innovative consulting and solutions company to “turn built environments net positive.”
As a Minneapolis based strategic design firm, we recently published a workbook summarizing the brand refreshes we’ve completed for companies. This is a core skill of Latitude - both the strategy of a brand, the designed expression of the brand, and in the rollout to ensure all touchpoints reflect the new look.
David Denham — Managing Director