Workbook: Brand Refreshes

A collection of brand refreshes from the past ten years.

Players Health

Latitude teamed up with Players Health to enhance their brand strategy and transform their identity in the sports insurance arena. The campaign, “All In,” embodies their athlete-centered commitment to overall well-being. Since 2016, we’ve expanded our scope to include insurance, athlete safety, and employee benefits, covering youth sports, fitness, and schools. Safeguarding young athletes necessitates a collective effort involving organizations, coaches, parents, guardians, and players. Our goal was to unite the youth sports community against misconduct.

We forged a cohesive brand image echoing positivity, dynamism, and inclusivity. The logo, inspired by Olympic graphics, symbolizes participation. Dynamic gradients enrich primary colors. We revamped their identity, website, marketing, and pitch presentation, and introduced their inaugural video series.

Phillips Prairie Organic

Phillips Distilling’s Prairie Organic Spirits faced intensified competition from industry giants and emerging boutique startups. They embraced their remarkable narrative – sourcing corn from organic, family-owned farms to counter this. These dedicated farmers chose the more challenging path of chemical-free, non-GMO cultivation, resulting in pure spirits. This sparked the “No Compromise” concept. This helped them find their way again, considering their former marketing was arbitrary and seemed to chase trends rather than be true to form Prairie.

Prairie Organic Spirits aimed to stand out in a saturated organic market with the “Go Against the Grain” campaign. It celebrated the tenacity of the Prairie through refined branding, improved online functionality, and curated merchandise. This initiative spanned outdoor, digital, and social channels, boosting sales by 25% in targeted markets.

Long Island Wine Council

Long Island Wine Council struggled with the current clientele taking over 60+ beautiful wineries on the East Fork throughout the year—especially during warmer seasons. Bridesmaids took over parking lots, and drinking overtook tasting. And yet, the grapes, winemakers, owners, and partners all deserved better. After all, this complex art has taken decades of toil and hard work to bring such excellence to bear.

They needed a new strategy to migrate from a functional drinking event to an upscale, timeless tasting tour experience of Napa, Sonoma, and Willamette, our west. We did our demanding primary research of tasting the wine, touring this beautiful countryside, and talking to wine and tastemakers. We hear the word “character” repeatedly when winemakers describe the variety of wines you can make in this region. Created With Character was born with a new logo with the iconic Peconic Bay Scallop, clean and balanced typography, and a sophisticated, fresh color palette. We designed swing signs, highway signs, a business system, swag, and a website with an interactive tour creator based on your preferences. This brand refresh helped unite all winemakers, cementing their commitment to craft and dedication to serving and talking about taste, flavor notes, and how great their grapes indeed are.

Camp Chef

As Camp Chef expanded from the backcountry to the back patio, they needed to evolve from a product brand to a lifestyle brand. CC needed to evoke more of its soul into its operations, content, and communications to become a brand with a lifestyle appeal. Our discovery process revealed a spirit of ‘inviting togetherness’ animated Camp Chef’s work.

Centered on the belief “Good times invite togetherness,” we updated the brand’s look, tone, and feel to elicit warmth. CC needed to evoke more of its soul into its operations, content, and communications to become a brand with a lifestyle appeal. Our discovery process revealed a spirit of ‘inviting togetherness’ animated Camp Chef’s work. We refined the visual identity system to be more ‘wearable’ and elevated imagery direction to be more experiential and less perfect. We strived for the new brand to look great on everything from camp stoves to pellet grills to trucker hats. Experiential content and messaging rolled out across paid and owned social/digital channels.


Trane Commercial is known for manufacturing the highest quality building systems, its cross-functional expertise, and its high-touch sales and service. However, this individualized approach created inconsistent brand experiences and one-off messages.

Trane tapped us to formulate an evolved strategic brand identity and extend it to a visual and verbal identity system. The objective? Excite and unite the entire organization. Our strategy? Discover, define, and operationalize a singular belief, purpose, and idea that transcends product lines, industry verticals, and customer personas. We built Trane Commercial’s strategic identity upon the guiding belief that “Diverse thinking turns problems into possibilities”. The narrative framework culminates in the unifying idea of ‘Both/And.’ This idea emphasizes Trane has the end-to-end expertise to help building owners achieve the competing priorities of profitability and sustainability. The concept starkly contrasts competitors who offer either/or equipment solutions.